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Innogen · Research

Biotechnology, Agriculture and Food Security – Beyond PITA

Joyce Tait, Joanna Chataway & David Wield

Genomics Innovation in Scotland

Dr Alessandro Rosiello

GM Crops – Shaping the Regional Policy Stance

Joyce Tait and Shefaly Yogendra

Implanted Smart Technologies

Shawn H.E. Harmon

Innovation in Pharma and Equity in Health

Maureen Mackintosh & Luigi Orsenigo

Innovation, Development and Global Health: Regulation and Global Pharmaceuticals

Chataway, J., Gehl Sampath, P., Kale, D., Tait, J. and Wield, D.

Integrated Advice Pilot Project

David Castle, Joyce Tait, Ann Bruce, Corrina Gibbs

Multidisciplinary Network in Synthetic Biology

Jane Calvert & Peter Robbins

QUEST: Capturing Lessons for Interdisciplinarity

Catherine Lyall, Ann Bruce, Wendy Marsden

TARGET: Targeted R&D Policy

Alessandro Rosiello

The Social Dynamics of Public Engagement in Stem Cell Research

Fiona Harris, Stephen Bates, Nicola Marks

Understanding the Information Needs and Uses of Life Science Researchers

Robin Williams, Wendy Marsden, Ann Bruce and Jane Calvert