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Book chapters

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Benefit Sharing and Public Trust in Genetic Research

Laurie, G. and Hunter, K.G.   2004

Bubbles and Investment Behaviour

Mazzucato, M.   2010

Dealing with the Knowledge Divide

Chataway, J., Gault, F., Quintas, P. and Wield, D.   2003

Genetic Privacy

Laurie, G.   2002

Global Change and Transboundary Risks

Tait, J. with Bruce, A.   2005

GM Scientists and the Politics of the Risk Society

Robbins, P., Cook, G. and Pieri, E.   2004

Governance, policy and industry strategies: Pharmaceuticals and agro-biotechnology

Tait, J., Chataway, J., Lyall, C. and Wield, D.   2006

Integrating Science into International Agreements

Murphy, J., with Chataway, J.   2005

Interests, Values & Biotechnological Risk

Bruce, A with Tait, J   2005

Interests, Values and Genetic Databases

Bruce, A with Tait, J   2005

IPRs, Agriculture and Food Security

Muraguri, L., Boadi, R. and Wekesa, M.   November 2009

Knowledge Accumulation and Industry Evolution

Mazzucato, M. with Dosi, G   2005

Knowledge Transfer and Policy Imperatives

Bower, J with Rankin, D   2004

Life Science Innovation

Reiss, T., with Tait, J.   2005

Mason and McCall Smith's Law and Medical Ethics

Mason, J.K. and Laurie, G.T.   2005

New Modes of Governance

Lyall C. and Tait J.   2005

Patenting and the Human Body

Laurie, G.   2004

Science, Technology and Innovation for Public Health in Africa

Wield, D., Chataway, J., Smith, J., Hanlin, R., Mugwagwa, J. (Innogen contributors)   2009

Technology for Development

Smith, J.   2009

The Limits to Governance

Lyall, C., Smith, J. and Papaioannou, T.   2009

Towards a Systemic and Evolutionary Framework for Venture Capital Policy

Rosiello A., Avnimelech G., Teubal M.   2011

Books (authored and edited)

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Interdisciplinary Research Journeys: Practical Strategies for Capturing Creativity

Lyall, C., Bruce, A., Tait, J. and Meagher, L.

  February 2011

Nature After the Genome

Parry S. and Dupré J.   July 2010

Personal Investment: Financial Planning in an Uncertain World

Mazzucato, M., Lowe, J., Shipman, A., and Trigg, A.   2010

Promoting Innovation, Productivity and Industrial Growth and Reducing Poverty

Mackintosh, Maureen, Chataway, Joanna, Wuyts, Marc   October 2008

Strategy for Business

Mazzucato, M.   2002


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Animal breeding and genetics

Ann Bruce   2012

BRIEFING SERIES: Appropriate Governance of the Life Sciences

Joyce Tait, Joanna Chataway, David Wield, Anne Bruce, Rebecca Hanlin, Julius Mugwagwa   2011

Building Innovative Capabilities

Papaioannou, T.   2007

Building the Case for National Systems of Health Innovation

Chataway, J. with Chaturvedi, K., Hanlin,R., Mugwagwa, J., Smith, J., Wield, D.   2007

Concurrent Power

Lyall, C.   2005

Farmers' Understandings

Oreszczyn, S.   2007

Governing Genomics:

Lyall, C.   2007

Key success factors in the quest for interdisciplinary knowledge

Dr Catherine Lyall, Dr Ann Bruce, Dr Wendy Marsden, Dr Laura Meagher   March 2011

KT through Migration

Kale, D.   2007

Regional Innovation and Public Policy

Papaioannou, T.   2007

Science and Bias

Tait, J.   2004

Sustainable (Vaccine) Development:

Chataway, J.   2007

Technological Trends and Opportunities to Combat Diseases of the Poor in Africa

Chataway, J. with Chaturvedi, K.; Hanlin, R.; Mugwagwa, J.; Smith, J. and Wield, D.   2007

Conference papers & presentations

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Broadening the Discourse

Robbins, Peter   2003

Challenges Faced by Industrial Economists

Mazzucato, Mariana   2003

Creative Destruction and Idiosyncratic Risk

Mazzucato, Mariana   2004

Embryonic Stem Cell Patents

Laurie, Graeme   2004

Genetic Databases: Public Views of Generation Scotland

Haddow, Gill with Cunningham-Burley, Sarah   2005

Genetic Privacy:

Laurie, Graeme   2004

Genetic Research and Confidentiality Issues

van Heyningen, Professor Veronica   2003

Genetics and Insurance

Laurie, Graeme   2004

GM crop development

Tait, Joyce   2003

GM Crops: Time to Say Yes?

Robbins, Peter   2003

International Partnerships and Local Contexts

Chataway, Joanna with Ayele, Seife and Smith, James   2004

Learning in Small and Large Firms

Mazzucato, Mariana   2003

My Privacy? Your Property?

Laurie, Graeme   2003

Our Genes: Our Choice

Laurie, Graeme   2004

Partnerships for Building Science and Technology Capacity in Africa

Chataway, Joanna; Smith, James and Wield, David   2005

Patients, Patents and Consent

Laurie, Graeme   2003

Public Understanding and Public Trust

Cunningham-Burley, Sarah   2004

Regulation of GM Crops

Tait, Joyce   2003

Risk and Governance

Tait, Joyce   2002

Risk Management in Policy Making

Tait, Joyce with Adams, J.   2003

The GM Debate in the United Kingdom

Robbins, Peter   2003

The Manufacturing of Ethnography

Carsten, Janet   2004

The UK GM Crops Dialogue

Tait, Joyce   2003

What Have Ethics Got to Do With It?

Laurie, Graeme   2004

Will Stem Cells be the Solution to Degenerative Diseases?

Tait, Joyce with Bruce, Ann   2004

Consultation responses

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Innogen Centre DIUS Response

Wield, David (Innogen Director)   October 2008

Innogen response to Royal Society consultation on Biological Approaches to Enhance Food Crop Production

Tait, Joyce; Wield, David ; Chataway, Joanna; Bruce, Ann ; Smith, James; Oreszczyn, Susan   October 2008

Scientific Advice, Risk and Evidence: How Government Handles Them

Williams, Robin, Tait, Joyce and Lyall, Catherine   January 2006

Journal articles

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A perverse subsidy: African trained nurses and doctors in the NHS

Mackintosh, M., Raghuram, P. and Henry, L.   2006

A Systemic Approach to Scoping of Factors Influencing More Sustainable Land Use in Herefordshire

Morris, D., Oreszczyn, S. Blackmore, C., Ison, R. and Martin, S   2006

Adoption and use of Web 2.0 in scholarly communications

Rob Procter, Robin Williams, James Stewart, Meik Poschen, Helene Snee, Alex Voss and Marzieh Asgari-Targhi   September 2010

Balancing Open Source Stem Cell Science with Commercialization

Courtney, A. de Sousa, P. George, C. Laurie, G. and Tait, J.   2011

Below the radar: a fresh approach to innovation and development policy

Clark, Norman; Chataway, Joanna   December 2009

Benchmarking as a policy-making tool: from the private to the public sector

Papaioannou, T., Rush, H. and Bessant, J.   2006

Blazing the trail from stem cell research to regenerative medicine

Bower, D. Jane; Murad, A. Najib; Sulej, Julian C. and Tait, Joyce   2008

Calculating life? A sociological perspective on systems biology

Calvert, Jane and Fujimura, Joan H.   August 2009

China and Global ICT Standardisation and Innovation

Williams R., Graham I., Jakobs K. and Lyytinend K.   July 2011

Chinese FDI in sub-Saharan Africa: engaging with large dragons

Kaplinsky, Raphael  and Morris, Mike

Confidentiality of personal health information used for research

Kalra, D., Gertz, R., Singleton, P. and Inskip, H.   2006

Cross-roads for Pharma in India

Kale, D.   February 2011

Designing and Implementing E-health Applications in the UK's National Health Service

Bower, D.J., Barry, N., Reid, M. and Norrie, J.   2005

Developing capability through learning networks

Bessant, J., Kaplinsky, R. and Morris, M.   2003

Developments in Medical Law in the United Kingdom in 2005 and 2006

Gertz, R., Harmon, S., Laurie, G. and Pradella, G.   2006

Disciplinary Baptisms: A comparison of the naming stories of genetics, molecular biology, genomics and systems biology

Powel, A., O’Malley, M., Müller-Wille, S., Calvert, J. and Dupré, J.   2007

DNA theft: A new crime in the UK

Laurie, Graeme   2003

Do SMEs do Knowledge Management - Or Simply Manage what they Know?

Hutchinson, V.J. and Quintas, P.R.   2008

Dolly for dinner? Assessing commercial and regulatory trends in cloned livestock

Suk, J., Bruce, A., Gertz, R., Warkup, C., Whitelaw, C.B.A., Braun, A., Oram, C., Rodríguez-Cerezo, D. & Papatryfon, I.   2007

eInfrastructure (Special Issue)

Edwards, Paul N.; Bowker, Geoffrey C.; Jackson, Steven J. and Williams, Robin   2009

Ethical Framework for Biofuels

Buyx A. and Tait J.   April 2011

Evolution of the Life Science Industries

Mittra, J. and Williams, R.   2007

Evolutionary interpretation of venture capital policy in Israel, Germany, UK and Scotland

Avnimelech, Gil; Rosiello, Alessandro; Teubal, Morris   March 2010

Generation Scotland: the Scottish Family Health Study; a new resource for researching genes and heritability

Smith, B.H., Campbell, H., Blackwood, D., Connell, J., Connor, M., Deary, I.J., Dominiczak, A.F., Fitzpatrick, B., Ford, I., Jackson, C., Haddow, G., Kerr, S., Lindsay, R., McGilchrist, M., Morton, R., Murray, G., Palmer, C.N.A., Pell, J.P., Ralston, S.H.   2006

Global justice: from theory to development action

Papioannou, Theo, Yanacopulos, Helen and Aksoy, Zuhre   August 2009

GM Animals - Another GM Crops?

Ann Bruce   2007

Industry challenges

Tait, J. and Mittra, J.   2004

Industry responses to the European controversy over agricultural biotechnology

Levidow, L., Oreszczyn, S., Assouline, G. and Joly, P.   0

Innovation and Stock Prices

Mazzucato, M.    2006

International benchmarking of biotech research centres

Hinze S., Calvert J., Reiss T., Senker J. and Patel P.   2003

International Stem Cell Environments: A World of Difference

Caulfield, Timothy; Zarzeczny, Amy et al   April 2009

Issues in the Political Economy of Agricultural Biotechnology

Wield, David; Chataway, Joanna; Bolo, Maurice   July 2010

Knowledge-making distinctions in synthetic biology

O'Malley, M., Powell, A., Davies, J. and Calvert, J.   2008

Learning and the sources of corporate growth

Geroski P. and Mazzucato M.   2002

Modelling the dynamics of industry populations

Geroski, P.A. and Mazzucato, M.   2001

Myopic Selection

Geroski, P.A. and Mazzucato, M.   2002

On a roll, without a roll

Catherine Lyall with Joyce Tait, David Wield, Robin Williams   2006

Partnerships in African crop biotech

Ayele, S., Chataway, J. and Wield, D.   2006

Patenting Stem Cells of Human Origin

Graeme Laurie   2004

Patient Satisfcation With and Relative Costs of Two Different Models of Cancer Genetics Services in South East Scotland

Harry Campbell with Holloway, S, Portwous, M, Cetnarskyj, R, Anderson, E, Rush, R, Fry, A, Gorman, D, Steel, M   2004

Placing evidence in context: A response to Fry's commentary

Williams, B., Entwistle, V., Haddow, G. and Wells, M.   2008

Povert, potere e resistenza

James Smith   2003

Promoting research participation: Why not advertise altruism?

Williams, B., Entwistle, V., Haddow, G. and Wells, M.   0

Public Knowledge and Public Trust

Cunningham-Burley, S.   2006

Putting supply chain learning into practice

Bessant, J., Kaplinsky, R. and Lamming, R.   0

Racial Categories in Medicine: A Failure of Evidence-Based Practice?

Ellison, G.T.H., Smart, A., Tutton, R., Outram, S.M., Ashcroft, R. and Martin, P.   2007

Rethinking Vaccine R&D in Developing Countries

Chataway, J., Hanlin, R., Rosiello, A., Smith, J.   2007

Scotland's Science Strategy

Catherine Lyall   2005

Shaping an Ethical Future for Biofuels

Joyce Tait   September 2011

Shaping scientific excellence in agricultural research

Chataway, J., Smith, J. and Wield, D.   2007

Shifting Subject Positions

Kerr, A., Cunningham-Burley, S. and Tutton, R.   2007

The Dynamics of Pharmaceutical Patenting in India: Evidence from USPTO Data

Simonetti, Roberto, Archambault, Éric, Côté, Grégoire and Kale, Dinar   2007

The economy-wide impact of pandemic influenza on the UK: a computable general equilibrium modelling experiment

Smith, Richard D., Keogh-Brown, Marcus R., Barnett, Tony and Tait, Joyce   November 2009

The ethics of biofuels

Joyce Tait   June 2011

The Future of Pharmaceutical Innovation: New Challenges and Opportunities

James Mittra, Joyce Tait and David Wield   2011

The Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Before and After TRIPS

Chataway, J., Kale, D. and Wield, D.   2007

The new genetics: Risks and boundaries

Cunningham-Burley, S. and Kerr, A.   0

The role of social scientists in synthetic biology

Calvert, Jane and Martin, Paul   February 2009

The status of biotehnology-based innovation

Tait, J., Chataway, J. and Jones, S.   1990

The Study of Socioethical Issues in Systems Biology

O'Malley, M., Calvert, J., and Dupre J.   2007

Towards a systemic and evolutionary framework for venture capital policy

Rosiello A., Avnimelech G., Teubal M.   2011

What is R&D and Why Does It Matter?

Forbes, N. and Wield, D.   2004

Whole-genome patenting

O'Malley, M., Bostanci, A. and Calvert, J.   2005

Zeneca Agrochemicals

Tait, J.   2001


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Consequences, Opportunities and Challenges of Modern Biotechnology for Europe (Bio4EU)

Zika, E., Papatryfon, I., Wolf, O., Gomez-Barbero, M., Stein, A. J., Bock, A.   2007

ESRC Innogen Centre Annual Report 2002-03

ESRC Innogen Centre   2003

ESRC Innogen Centre Annual Report 2004

ESRC Innogen Centre   2004

ESRC Innogen Centre Annual Report 2005-06

ESRC Innogen Centre   2006

ESRC Innogen Centre Annual Report 2007-08

ESRC Innogen Centre   2008

ESRC Innogen Centre Annual Report 2008-09

ESRC Innogen Centre   2010

ESRC Innogen Centre Annual Report 2009-10

ESRC Innogen Centre   2010

ESTO Report: Animal Cloning and Genetic Modification (2005)

Braun, Anette; Bruce, Ann; Gertz, Renate; Oram, Cecilia; Suk, Jonathan; Tait, Joyce; Warkup, Chris; Whitelaw, Bruce   2005

IRGC Report on Risk Governance Deficits

International Risk Governance Council   October 2009

NHS24 Evaluation Report

Heaney, David and O’Donnell, Catherine; Wood, Anne; Myles, Susan; Abbotts, Joanne; Haddow, Gill; Armstrong, Iain; Hall, Stephanie and Munro, James   2005

OECD Report: Knowledge Networks and Markets in the Life Sciences

OECD: Callan, B and Gillespie, I   May 2012

RIN Report: Information Use and Exchange

Williams, Robin; Pryor, Graham; Bruce, Ann; Macdonald, Stuart; and Marsden, Wendy
  November 2009

RiskBridge Conference Report (2009)

Mittra, James   2009

Riskbridge Project Report

Project Coordinator: Dr. Jaap van der Vlies, jaap.vandervlies@tno.nl

Innogen contact: Dr James Mittra

  July 2009

The Bioeconomy to 2030 - Designing a Policy Agenda OECD

Tait, J., Wield, D., Bruce, A., Chataway, J.   2007

The Use of Placement Fellowships in Knowledge Exchange

Bruce, A., Fletcher, I. and O’Callaghan, K.   October 2010

UK Foresight Report: Infectious Diseases: Preparing for the Future. Risk Analysis (2006)

Tait, Joyce; Meagher, Laura; Lyall Catherine and Suk, Jonathan   2006


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Working papers

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A New Approach to Assess Drug Development Performance

Rosiello, A; Dimitri, N; and Fiorini, F   March 2012

Bovine Vaccine Development in East Africa: An innovation systems perspective

Clark, Norman with Smith, James Authors Maija Hirvonen   2005

Business Models and Value Systems for Regenerative Medicine Therapies: Rationale and Methodology

Tait, J., Bruce, K., Courtenay, A., Gregson, G., Lowrie, H., Mastroeni, M., Mittra, J., Ann Pearson, M., Robertson, M. and Snowden, K.   2011

Creative Destruction and Idiosyncratic Risk

Professor Mariana Mazzucato   2004

Foresight on Future Infectious Diseases: Developing an Integrative Risk Analysis Process

Meagher,Laura; Lyall, Catherine and Nutley, Sandra   2008

Getting it Together: Building Capacity and Adding Value in Large Scale Interdisciplinary Research Initiatives

Wendy Marsden, Catherine Lyall, Ann Bruce and Laura Meagher   April 2011

Global health social technologies: reflections on evolving theories and landscapes

Chataway J, Hanlin R, Mugwagwa J and Muraguri L   2009

Innovation and Idiosyncratic Risk: an Industry and Firm Level Analysis

Mazzucato, Mariana and Tancioni, Massimiliano   2008

Interdisciplinary Integration in Europe: the case of the Fifth Framework Programme

Bruce, Ann with Tait,Joyce; Lyall, Catherine and Williams, Robin   2004

Interdisciplinary Methodology for the Analysis of Life Science Innovation Systems (ALSIS)

Heather Lowrie, Michele Mastroeni, James Mittra and Joyce Tait

  September 2011

Interests, Values and Biotechnological Risk

Bruce, Ann and Tait, Joyce   2003

Investigation of how competing cultures within IAVI play out in developing country clinical trial setting

Brusoni, S; Cacciatori, E; Hanlin, R; and Orsenigo, L   April 2012

Life Science Innovation

Reiss, Thomas with Tait, Joyce   2005

Mid-Pharma: How big is it and where is it going?

Deniz Eylem Yoruk and James Mitttra   2009

Public Consultation and Organizational Translation; Notes from Interdisciplinary Working

Masson, K; Haddow, G; and Cunningham-Burley, S   March 2012

Research capacity building in Africa: networks, institutions and local ownership

Marjanovic, S; Hanlin, R; Diepeveen, S; Yaqub, O; Reding, A; Kale, D; Pederson, J; and Chataway, J   May 2012

Science and Technology Partnerships for Poverty Alleviation in Africa

Chataway, Joanna with Smith, James and Wield, David   2006

Shifting Policy Debates and the Implications for Governance

Lyall, Catherine and Tait, Joyce   2004

The Anti-Politics Gene

Smith, James   2004

The Benefits of Biopharmaceuticals

Arundel, Anthony with Mintzes, Barbara   2004

The International Aids Vaccine Initiative

Smith, James and Chataway Joanna   2004

The Search for an AIDs Vaccine: A review of the literature on vaccine development

Cacciatori, E; Hanlin, R; Lasio, L; and Orsenigo, L   April 2012

The uneven development and distribution of vaccines across cultures: the case of AIDS

Cacciatori, E; Hanlin, R; Breschi, S; Brusoni, S; and Orsenigo, L   April 2012

Understanding company R&D strategies in agro-biotechnology: Trajectories and blindspots

Chataway, Joanna with Tait, Joyce and Wield, David   2003