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Professor Joyce Tait

Innogen Scientific Advisor


+44 (0)131 650 9174


+44 (0)131 651 4278






ESRC Innogen Centre, The University of Edinburgh, Old Surgeon's Hall, High School Yards, Edinburgh, EH1 1LZ


Joyce Tait CV Jan 2011 (PDF 137kb)


Recent External Appointments



Lyall, C., Bruce, A., Tait, J. and Meagher, L. (forthcoming March 2011) Interdisciplinary Research Journeys: Practical Strategies for Capturing Creativity, Bloomsbury Academic.

Recent Book chapters:

Tait, Joyce (2009) in Synthetic Biology: the technoscience and its societal consequences, Chapter 9, Springer.

Special Issue:

Orsenigo, L. and Tait, J. (2008) Special Issue on Evolution of the Life Science Industries, International Journal of Biotechnology (IJBT), Vol 10(5), 389-517.

Recent journal articles:

Tait, J. (2011) Shaping an Ethical Future for Biofuels, BioScience, 61(9), 653-654.

Courtney, A., de Sousa, P., George, C., Laurie, G. and Tait, J. (2011) 'Balancing open source stem cell science with commercialization', Nature Biotechnology, 29(2), 115-116.

Tait, J. and Barker, G. (2011) 'Global food security and the governance of modern biotechnologies', EMBO reports, pp. 1-6.

Buyx, A. and Tait, J. (2011) '', Science, 332(6029), 540-541.

Tait, J. (2011) 'The ethics of biofuels', GCB Bioenergy, 3(3), 271–275.

Mittra, J., Tait, J., and Wield, D. (2011) 'The Future of Pharmaceutical Innovation: New Challenges and Opportunities', Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology, pp. 32-34

Smith, Richard D., Keogh-Brown, Marcus R., Barnett, Tony and Tait, Joyce (2009) '' British Medical Journal, Pages: 339:b4571

Tait, Joyce (2009) EMBO Reports: Special Issue on Science and Society, S18 - S22

Milne, C.P. and Tait, J. (2009) Evolution along the Government-Governance Continuum: FDA’s Orphan Products and Fast Track Programs as Exemplars of 'What Works' for Innovation and Regulation. Food and Drug Law Journal, 64(4), 733-753.

Suk, J.; Lyall, C and Tait J. (2008) Eurosurveilance, Volume 13, Issue 44, Article 7

Tait, J. (2007) . Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 19(3), p257-277Tait, J. and Chataway, C. (2007) ' Environment and Planning – C: Government and Policy, 25, 21-37.Chataway, J., Tait, J. and Wield, D. (2006) .' Technology Analysis and Strategic Management, 18(2), 1-17.Chataway, J., Tait, J. and Wield, D. (2004) . Research Policy, 33/6-7, 1041-1057.

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Joyce has contributed to a number of policy reports and briefings:

Innogen Review: Pressures for Change in the Pharmaceutical Industry

A full list of Professor Tait's publications can be found on her CV - please see the Biography section of this page.

Research Interests

Joyce is involved in the following Innogen projects:

  • Integrated Advice Pilot Project (Defra)
  • RAND Europe - ‘The development of methodology and application of knowledge exchange and translational research in agriculture and food to a specific product supply chain’
  • Technology Strategy Board (TSB) - 'Value Systems and business models: A Therapy Realization Pathway Tool (TRPT)'
  • International Risk Governance Council (IRCG) - ‘Risk Governance of Synthetic Biology’
  • Health Biotechnology to 2030
  • Revitalising Innovation though regulatory evolution

Joyce has an interdisciplinary background in natural and social sciences including risk assessment and regulation, policy analysis, technology management, strategic and operational decision making in companies and public bodies.