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Mr. Shawn Harmon

Innogen Research Fellow


BA (Political Science) Saint Mary's University (1993), LLB (Common Law) University of New Brunswick (1996)LLM (International Law) from the University of Edinburgh (2004)


+44 (0) 131 651 4267


+44 (0) 131 650 6317




AHRC Centre, Law, University of Edinburgh, Old College, South Bridge, Edinburgh, EH8 9YL


Shawn is currently a PhD student at the University of Edinburgh (Law) and a Research Fellow at Innogen investigating the interaction between ethics and law in the regulation of genomics and biotechnologies.

In addition, he is a Research Associate at AHRC SCRIPT, a Tutor in medical law and ethics and a variety of other courses, and Editor-in-Chief of SCRIPTed - A Journal of Law, Technology & Society. In addition, Shawn is the Principle Investigator on an ESRC-funded project entitled "Governing Emerging Technologies: Social Values in Stem Cell Regulation in Argentina" (Award No. RES-000-22-2678)

Shawn H.E. Harmon CV - Aug 2009 (PDF 85.4kb)


Journal articles

Harmon, S. H. E., Castle, D., Dutfield, G. (2010) ‘Floating the Knowledge Management Boat in a Sea of Intellectual Property Rights’ SCRIPTed forthcoming

Harmon, S. H. E., (2010) ‘Regulation of stem cell and regenerative science: stakeholder opinions, plurality and actor space in the Argentine social science setting’ Law, Innovation and Technology (forthcoming)

Haddow, Gill , Bruce, Ann , Calvert, Jane , Harmon, Shawn H. E. and Marsden, Wendy (2010) 'Not "human" enough to be human but not "animal" enough to be animal - the case of the HFEA, cybrids and xenotransplantation in the UK', New Genetics and Society, 29: 1, 3 – 17

Shawn H.E. Harmon (2009) 'New Technologies and Moral Duties: Valuing the Person as a Means to an End' Science as Culture 18(4) 505-510

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Book Chapters

Harmon, S. Gertz, R. and Pradella, G.(2006) Chapter 12: 'Ethico-Legal Issues in Genetics' Genes and Common Disease - Genetics in Modern Medicine, edited by A.Wright & N. Hastie, Cambridge: CUP

Policy Papers

"Memorandum of the Arts and Humanities Research Council to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee Inquiry into Genomic Medicine" (with G. Laurie and others), for House of Lords Science & Technology Committee, April 16, 2008.

"Issues for NHS Lothian Clinical Reinvestment" (with G. Laurie), for NHS Lothian, August 9, 2007.

Review Articles

"Gene Patents and Public Health" (by G. Overwalle, ed.) (2008) forthcomingin SCRIPTed.

"Morality in a Technological World" (by L. Magnani) (2008) forthcoming inGenomics, Society and Policy.

"Ethics and Law of Intellectual Property: Current Problems in Politics,Science and Technology" (by C. Lenk, N. Hoppe & R. Andorno, eds.) (2008)forthcoming in Medicine, Health Care & Philosophy.

"The Law and Ethics of Medical Research" (by A. Plomer) (2007) 4:2 SCRIPTed237-240.

"Human Dignity and Human Cloning" (by S. Vonecky & R. Wolfrum, eds.) (2006)13(1) European Journal of Health Law 79-84.

Working Papers

Gertz, R., Harmon, S., Laurie, G. and Pradella, G. (2006) "" European Journal of Health Law, Vol.13, Issue 2, pp.135-149

S. Harmon, "" (2005), INNOGEN WP-40

Research Interests

Shawn is involved in the following innogen projects:

Shawn's research interests revolve around ethico-legal and intellectual property issues in medical practice, medical research and biotechnology innovation. More specifically, his interests include the process of rule-making in the bioscience/biotech field, the content and trajectories of regulatory instruments, both domestic and international, and the translation of moral/social values into legal rules in the bioscience/biotech fields. Shawn favours an internationalist and cross-jurisdictional comparative approach with particular attention to developing countries.

Selected Presentations "Consent and Capacity to Consent: Ethical Considerations" for Legal Services Agency, "Capacity and Consent", Seminar, February 22, 2008, Edinburgh.

"Innovation, InnoGen and Argentina" for Argentine Science & Technology Agency, "Biotech Governance", Conference, November 29-30, 2007, Buenos Aires.

"Values in Genomics Governance: From Rhetoric to Reality" for ACLRC, "One Origin, One Race, One Earth", Conference, November15-17, 2007, Calgary.

"Stem Cell Ethics" for the Medical & Dental Defence Union of Scotland, CPD, September 10, 2007, Glasgow.

"Stem Cell Research Regulation: Motivating Values and Regulatory Models" for UCL, "Twelfth International Interdisciplinary Colloquium: Law & Bioethics", Conference, July 2-3, 2007, London.

"Patenting Particulars - Software & Biotechnology" (with A. Guadamuz) for Shepherd & Wedderburn, CPD, November 6, 2006, Edinburgh/Aberdeen/London.

"Regulation: Genomics, Development and Intellectual Property" for INNOGEN, "Genomics for Development? The Life Sciences and Poverty Reduction", September 5-6, 2006, London. (Session Organizer/Chair)

"Red Shift: An Astronomical Metaphor for Legal and Ethical Regulation of Human Genomics" for HUMGEN, "Genomics & Public Health: 4th International DNA Sampling Conference", June 4-7, 2006, Montreal. (Poster Presentation)

"From Engagement to Re-Engagement: Participation and Values in Patenting Proceedings" for CSG & CESAGen, "Genomics & Society Conference: Towards a Socially Robust Science?", April 20-21, 2006, Amsterdam.