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Debating Scottish Science and Innovation



Innogen will be hosting a debate on Scottish science, innovation and independence at the Edinburgh International Science Festival on 1 April 2013.


Scotland’s science base is excellent, but we are less successful at translating this to a vibrant and profitable high-tech industry-based economy. Opinions are sharply divided about how scientific research and Scotland’s future economic success, as it builds on technological innovation, would be affected by “devo-max” or total independence.Would our innate creativity be unleashed, enabling us to reach new heights of innovation-based prosperity, or would we struggle to maintain our present position? These very important questions do not feature highly in public debates, although they are beginning to be hotly debated among academics, industry and government bodies in Scotland and Westminster.This event will set up a discussion among two prominent scientists and two industrialists, putting forward and justifying both side of the independence debate and exploring the futures they envisage for Scotland. The debate will be moderated by BBC Scotland Science Correspondent Ken MacDonald.The aim will be to inform the voting intentions of the Scottish electorate, and more widely contribute to discussions on the impact of a Scottish decision on the rest of the UK and internationally.

The event will take place that the Teviot Row Dining Room at the University of Edinburgh on 1 April 2013 at 8:00pm.

Tickets available at: http://www.sciencefestival.co.uk/whats-on/categories/talk/scottish-science-and-innovation