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Innovation, Growth and Market Structure

Seminar   28.03.2003





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Innogen's first major international workshop was held on March 28-29 2003, jointly sponsored with the Open University's Centre for Economic Research and organised by CfER's Director, Dr Mariana Mazzucato.

Ten papers were presented over the two days by speakers including:

  • Giulio Bottazzi and Giovanni Dosi (Sant'Anna School for Advance Studies, Pisa)
  • Elena Cefis (University of Bergamo)
  • Joanna Chataway (Open University)
  • Frank Lichtenberg (Columbia University)
  • Stéphane Malo (University of Maastricht)
  • Myriam Mariani (Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation in Technology)
  • Paul Nightingale (SPRU, University of Sussex)
  • Luigi Orsenigo (Bocconi University)
  • Massimo Riccaboni (University of Florence)
  • Joyce Tait (ESRC Innogen Centre)

Topics debated included innovation and industrial dynamics of biotechnology in pharmaceutical and agrichemicals, firm growth patterns in biopharma, intellectual property regulations, R&D strategies and industrial agglomeration.

A highlight of the workshop was the enthusiasm of participants for collaborating with Innogen in setting up international networks in genomics. More than 20 research centres agreed to collaborate with Innogen through the formation of an international genomics network.

If you are interested in being involved in the international genomics network or to receive information on future Innogen events, please contact us: innogen@ed.ac.uk

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