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Innogen · Events

Debate: Scottish Science and Innovation

Edinburgh International Science Festival   01.04.2013

In Search of Animals' Emotions

Seminar   26.11.2012

Innogen 10th Anniversary Celebration

Public event   07.11.2012

Debate: Natural v Unnatural - The Strange Business of Making People

Edinburgh International Book Festival   16.08.2011

Young Adults Debate: Surviving Adolescence: Do Drugs Work?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   15.08.2011

Designer Life: Scotland's next Industrial Revolution?

Edinburgh International Science Festival   13.04.2010

Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing - a moral maze?

ESRC Festival of Social Science   16.03.2010

The Future of the Codex Alimentarius

Workshop   16.03.2010

Designing synthetic biology

Seminar   04.02.2010

Presenting Edinburgh's Dangerous Ideas

Public event   23.11.2009

Do we need to know our personal genetic data?

Edinburgh International Book Festival   21.08.2009

ISSTI Interdisciplinary Masterclass

Workshop   22.04.2009

Is Embryo Research the Limit?

Workshop   12.03.2009

The Future of Medicine: Innovation from bench to bedside

ESRC Festival of Social Science   10.03.2009

Genomics and Society: Reinventing Life?

Conference   27.10.2008

(Milton Keynes) - Dr Wilmot James

Seminar   10.09.2008

CSG & EGN's Amsterdam conference

Conference   17.04.2008

The Marketing of Genetic Identity

Seminar   03.04.2006

Social Science Week 2006

Public event   14.03.2006

Kinship, genealogy and genetics

Seminar   06.02.2006

IRGC conference in Bejing

Conference   20.09.2005

EuroNanoForum 2005 in Edinburgh

Conference   05.09.2005

Seminar Series 2005/06

Seminar   10.06.2005

Public Engagement with Genomics

Seminar   08.11.2004

Classification and Silence

Seminar   01.09.2004

Cyberinfrastructure for the Ages

Seminar   31.08.2004

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Public event   08.04.2004

Innogen Annual Conference 2003

Conference   14.11.2003

The work of the BIOS Centre

Seminar   03.11.2003

ISSTI Interdisciplinary Masterclass

Workshop   30.11.1999

Research Workshop, 18-20 Nov 2005

Workshop   30.11.1999

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2008

Edinburgh International Book Festival   30.11.1999