The Human Genre Project

Index of first lines (poetry only)


After we said goodbye to Dad,
Generativity — Abi Wyatt

aunt rosie loved summer and baseball
aunt rosie — Regina Green


Body chilled by years of neglect,
Coming in Second — Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

By now I've come to parse the human frame
An Observation — Niall Murphy


class on genetics –
Haiku /Senryu for the Human Genre project — Juliet Wilson

Crazy Quilt — John Morris

creatures, a foot
FOXP2 — Richard Alan Herbert


Duplications here
Chromosome 17 — John Marcinauskis


epitaphs illegible,
Boneyard — Tom Moritz


For a time, the babies died so fast
Ogbanje (or ‘Children who come and go’) — Aiko Harman

From being to being in being borne
Helix in form — Neil Senzer

From the first blind belly kicks
Genome — Kevan Christmas


Genetics are the stories we tell:
Stories — Tracey Rosenberg

Girl walks into a bar.
Last Town on the Map — Chaya Bernstein

God’s lost.
Onion root tip through a microscope — Kenneth S. Robson, M.D.


How am I meant to encourage you
Stones — Aiko Harman

How like your wife
Grandfather — Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

Hunger sends us seeking its cheap white thickness,
Three Poems — Rebecca Goss


I am round and warm in the tide
Recapitulation — Niall Murphy

I fluster along the diagonal beach, I grab and cram,
Photophobia — Tracey S. Rosenberg

I was making love at the time.
SMAD4 — Elaine Westwick

I was ready to run
Chromosome 2: love remembered — Chris S. Packard

I'm a DNA Cowboy
The DNA Cowboys — Mike Holmes

I've got lots of energy
Genetic Love Song — Michael Dare

if I put words on paper
double strands — Angie Werren

In beginning,
The Meme Gene — Julian Derry

In methodical dreams
Natural Cypher — Mark Stratton

Is an ancestor of the Mimivirus
Inchoate Origins — Karen Booth


Lengthened gene on the short arm,
Fragile X — Nick Wood

Let's swap genes, let's try another pair,
Let's swap genes — Enid Nicholson

Like drums of air or swirling sea-tunnels or
Plans for Land — Martin MacInnes


Meet me at the speed of light, where mass
Meet Me at the Speed of Light — Laura-Gray Street

Mother sleeps, wilting in her Gerry chair,
Logan Square East, Philadelphia PA — Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

My barbed wire of DNA
Barbed Wire — David C. Sands

My father’s angina, we learned, was a serious myocardial infarction
Jargon — Kelley Swain

my niece she was
For Jaimee — Jay Coral


rushing past a white-haired mother
A Long Pregnant Pause After — Ruth Sabath Rosenthal


She flops beside me.
Trisomy 21 — Ellie Stewart

she was unable to distance herself
When I had much to do with my mother — Ruth Sabath Rosenthal

she wrote ‘shagetti’ on the shopping list
mam — Elaine Findlay

Simply Simon,
Chromosome 21 — Cindy Morris

Pseudoglyphs — Francis Silva

Something to look forward to: chocolate cake,
Anticipation — Caroline Litman


The best way of surviving the recession is coma. You can let the bills stack up in the hallway while you’re in a coma. You won’t be charged for coma services until you wake up. Otherwise, sleep long and hard using the nod reaming technique. It’s free and time passes. Make love slowly while you’re surviving the recession.
Surviving the recession — Dave Lordan

The birds have it.
Communication Breakdown — JF Derry

The guide shushes us at the edge. Beyond
Primate Center, Duke University — Laura-Gray Street

The soles of human feet, in utero
Callus — Tiel Aisha Ansari

the stars are gathering into one constellation:
Premature Beauty — Stephanie Lynn Keil

The water nymph who named the curse
Ondine's Curse — Aiko Harman

These chromosomes look so much like teeth,
The teeth that rock above the cradle — Ian Watson

This chromosomal Usual Suspects line:
Chromosome Poem — Adam Roberts

Time said      to the
the telomeric tale of the mouse's tail (after carroll) — shardcore

Too many chromosomes a fault before birth,
Accident of Birth — Wendy French


Veiled in shafts of light,
The Oncologists — Patricia Ace


When Gehrig lost his budding baseball fame,
A Cause Célèbre — Aiko Harman

When the sun stole her skin
The Illustrated Lady — Aiko Harman

with their father,
When she left her children — Ruth Sabath Rosenthal


you are not an animal
joseph merrick’s bones — Angie Werren

your photograph:
Chemistry — Brian Holton