The Human Genre Project

Index by author


Ace, Patricia — The Oncologists

Alexander, Alma — The Code of Forgetting

Ansari, Tiel Aisha — Callus

Arnott, Peter — The Metaphor in Question


Bernstein, Chaya — Last Town on the Map

Booth, Karen — Inchoate Origins


Candeira, Javier — Genetic Agony Aunt

Carbis, Loki — Seeing Light

Chisholm, Alexander — New Look

Christmas, Kevan — Genome

Christmas, Kevan — Genetic

Clough, Brenda W. — Times Fifty

Coral, Jay — For Jaimee


Dare, Michael — Genetic Love Song

Davenport, T. F. — Neoteny

Derry, JF — Communication Breakdown

Derry, Julian — The Meme Gene

Doughty, Bob — Genesis


Fernandes, Fabio — Cold Sleep

Findlay, Elaine — mam

Fineman, Heather — Knowing Who I Am

French, Wendy — Accident of Birth


Goldschmidt, Pippa — Time dilation

Goldschmidt, Pippa — One of the ten plagues will fall on this house

Goldschmidt, Pippa — Potato Pancakes

Goldschmidt, Pippa — SELKIE

Goldschmidt, Pippa — Identity theft

Goss, Rebecca — Three Poems

Green, Regina — aunt rosie


Harman, Aiko — Ondine's Curse

Harman, Aiko — The Illustrated Lady

Harman, Aiko — A Cause Célèbre

Harman, Aiko — Stones

Harman, Aiko — Ogbanje (or ‘Children who come and go’)

Herbert, Richard Alan — FOXP2

Holmes, Mike — The DNA Cowboys

Holton, Brian — Chemistry


Keil, Stephanie Lynn — Premature Beauty

Kosmatka, Marilyn — Prion

Kosmatka, Ted — Limited Penetrance, Variable Expression


Lingard, Ann — Lisa in Amsterdam

Litman, Caroline — Anticipation

Lordan, Dave — Surviving the recession


MacInnes, Martin — Clouds

MacInnes, Martin — Plans for Land

Marcinauskis, John — Chromosome 17

Moitra, Karobi — The Gatekeepers

Moore, Nancy Jane — The Wrong Butterfly

Moritz, Tom — Boneyard

Morris, Cindy — Chromosome 21

Morris, John — Crazy Quilt

Murphy, Niall — An Observation

Murphy, Niall — Recapitulation


Nicholson, Enid — Let's swap genes


Packard, Chris S. — Chromosome 2: love remembered

Pearson, Stefan — D ya know me?


Roberts, Adam — The Chrome Chromosome

Roberts, Adam — Chromosome Poem

Robson, M.D., Kenneth S. — Onion root tip through a microscope

Rodman, Rachel — Alcohol Dehydrogenase

Rodman, Rachel — Rb1

Rodman, Rachel — STRC and CATSPER2

Rohn, Jennifer — A cult of identity

Rosenberg, Tracey — Stories

Rosenberg, Tracey S. — Photophobia

Rosenberg, Tracey S. — Southbound from Park Street

Rosenthal, Ruth Sabath — Coming in Second

Rosenthal, Ruth Sabath — Grandfather

Rosenthal, Ruth Sabath — Logan Square East, Philadelphia PA

Rosenthal, Ruth Sabath — A Long Pregnant Pause After

Rosenthal, Ruth Sabath — When I had much to do with my mother

Rosenthal, Ruth Sabath — When she left her children


Samorzewski, Meika Loofs — Speciation: The Day REDE OS Forked

Sands, David C. — Barbed Wire

Sannox, John — Bonny Dundee

Schrier, Genevieve — The Maple Syrup Urine Disease

Senzer, Neil — Helix in form

shardcore — the telomeric tale of the mouse's tail (after carroll)

Silva, Francis — Pseudoglyphs

Sterling, Bruce — Please listen carefully

Stewart, Ellie — Trisomy 21

Strachan, Richard — Coagulation Cascade

Stratton, Mark — Natural Cypher

Street, Laura-Gray — Primate Center, Duke University

Street, Laura-Gray — Meet Me at the Speed of Light

Swain, Kelley — Jargon

Swan, Joyce — Simply red


Talend, Daniele — The Real Life Application


Watson, Ian — The teeth that rock above the cradle

Werren, Angie — double strands

Werren, Angie — joseph merrick’s bones

Westwick, Elaine — SMAD4

Whates, Ian — Digital Democracy

Wilson, Juliet — Haiku /Senryu for the Human Genre project

Wood, Nick — Fragile X

Wyatt, Abi — Generativity