The Human Genre Project


We welcome new contributions of short works inspired by genes and genomics. Ideally your contribution would be related to a specific gene, but if not, don't worry.

Your contribution will, unless you ask otherwise, be shown with a link to your own website or blog, so this is a good way to spread the word.

Pieces may later be displayed in a variety of formats and media, besides this website: an exhibition, a book or booklet, a set of postcards, etc.

The only right we're asking is for is the right to reproduce the work for the life of the project and in any medium (online, print, public exhibition, interactive display etc) — but only as part of this project. All work will be fully attributed. You are, of course, free to publish your work anywhere else and in any way you like.

Please email your contribution to me as an attachment in Word, txt or RTF format. I will reply with an acceptance, rejection, or editorial suggestion as soon as possible.

Peter Arnott