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Blogs and publications

Genomes Unzipped, Public personal genomics

Genomes Unzipped is a collaborative blog about personal genomics. Its goal is to provide independent and informed analysis of developments in the field of genetics, with a particular focus on implications for the budding industry of personal genomics.

Genotype, ESRC Genomics Network

Based at The University of Edinburgh, the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum is part of the ESRC Genomics Network and pioneers new ways to promote and communicate social research on the contemporary life sciences.

Information on Genes, Answers to questions on genes, genetics and genomics from experts in the field

This site, "Information on Genes" (ongenes.com) is a place where answers to questions on genes, genetics and genomics are provided by experts in the field.

Innogen Insider, ESRC Genomics Network

Based at the University of Edinburgh and the Open University, Innogen studies innovation in genomics and the new life sciences; how these new technologies are governed and regulated; and the impact of life science innovation in developed and developing countries.

Conferences and events

Genetics Conferences Worldwide , Conference Alerts

A useful site for keeping up to date with major genetics conferences throughout the world.


Egenis - Educational Tools, Egenis

Excellent role play and workshop materials specially designed for exploring issues such as embryo reasearch and collaboration between scientists and artists.


Gene Jury, Scottish Initiative for Biotechnology Education

A fun, interactive way for school pupils aged 7 to 12 to explore modern bioscience and the impact it has on everyday life.

Life and Health outreach exhibition, Glasgow Science Centre

Those who take part in this outreach programme will be taken on a journey through the human body looking at anatomy and given an oppoortunity to experiment and discover facts about their own "amazing" body. Through interacting and experimenting, visitors will be able to understand the importance of nutrition and exercise to the functionality of the body.

Science 3 – 18

Science and technology teaching and learning resources for school children in primary and secondary sectors

Scottish Schools Equipment Research Centre (SSERC)

Provides education services and products to Scottish local authority establishments and other individual subscribers.


Scottish Government Science Engagement Grants

To help promote better interaction between scientists and the public, promote science's contribution to our economy and culture, and inspire our next generation of scientists, the Scottish Government supports 'science engagement' activities through a grant programme run by the Office of the Chief Scientific Adviser.

Patient information

Genetic Alliance UK, formerly Genetic Interest Group (GIG)

A UK-wide alliance of medical research and patient organisations with offices in Scotland, England and Wales. Our membership of over 140 charities support children, families and individuals affected by genetic disorders.

Health Rights Information Scotland, Consumer Focus Scotland

An initiative to raise the quality of information available to patients in the NHS, based within the Scottish Consumer Council, and funded by the Scottish Government Health Directorates.



Centre for healthcare genetics with some useful online resources.

Scottish Health Council Participation Toolkit, Scottish Health Council

A toolkit designed to help the NHS deliver Patient Focus and Public Involvement, but which also contains useful resources and information for organisations across the public, private and voluntary sectors to help them find out the views and priorities of the people they serve.