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Gengage e-bulletin, January 2011

Gengage Science Festival Event Announced; Date announced for the Gengage Third Annual Conference; RSE Beltane Prizes for Public Engagement; Wellcome Trust People and Arts Awards; Academy of Medical Sciences' government-commissioned report; Upcoming events.

Gengage e-bulletin, October 2010

Changes to the Gengage team; announcement for the forthcoming Brain Bank event; Regulatory bodies to be cut and Nobel prize for IVF; JISC Funding; Debating Human Genetics Book and Personalised Healthcare report.

Gengage e-bulletin, September 2010

New Online Resources section is added to the Gengage website; look out for Genotype, a new blog by the ESRC Genomics Forum; Edinburgh Beltane asks for your ideas for public engagement and cultural change projects.

Gengage e-bulletin, August 2010

Gengage e-bulletin, July 2010

Gengage e-bulletin, July 2009

Gengage e-bulletin, June 2009

Gengage e-bulletin, May 2009

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Steering group meetings

Steering group meeting, Tuesday 8 February 2011

Genomics Forum

Education sub-group meetings

Education sub-group meeting, Wednesday 9 March 2011

Glasgow Science Centre

Health Policy sub-group meetings

Health Policy sub-group meeting, Thursday 27 January 2011

Genomics Forum

Research sub-group meetings

Research sub-group meeting, Monday 2 March 2009

ESRC Genomics Forum, Edinburgh

Annual reports

Event reports

Affairs of the Heart: Preventing Sudden Cardiac Death Among the Young

Tuesday 3 April 2012

One of Gengage's last events, this was a deliberative event on the topic of sudden cardiac death in the young. The in-depth discussion addressed issues such as: What is sudden cardiac death? What is being done to identify and protect those who might be at risk? What more might be done? A series of short presentations was followed by facilitated round-table discussions. Participants were asked to ‘vote’ on a number of questions. The results of which will be presented to MSPs in June The event finished with a chat to the speakers over a glass of wine and nibbles, and exploration of the Surgeons' Hall Museum.

Third Annual Gengage Network Conference

Your Genes and Clinical Research: Being More Than a Guinea Pig?

Wednesday 22 June 2011

The 3rd Gengage Annual Conference was held at the Royal Society of Edinburgh. This successful one-day conference attracted delegates of all ages and walks of life to explore social and other issues around public and patient involvement in clinical research. The programme included dynamic keynote presentations and a series of interactive workshops enabling participants to form and voice their own opinions.

From Healthy Embryos to Designer Babies: How Far is Too Far?

Edinburgh International Science Festival 2011

Wednesday 20 April 2011

This animated event, held as part of the Edinburgh International Science Festival bought together more than 50 people to debate Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD). A series of presentations given by experts in the field was followed by facilitated round-table discussions. Participants deliberated on the issues then gave their views by voting on a number of related questions such as "Should PGD be offered for all genetic disorders?"

What Should Happen To Your Brain After You Die

Friday 4 March 2011

Participants gathered at the Science Glasgow Centre for a three-hour public deliberative event organised by Gengage. This stimulating event addressed issues around brain banking and brain donation for research. A series of presentations, given by experts in the field, were followed by facilitated round-table discussions. Participants were asked to deliberate and then vote on a number of questions.

Second annual Gengage network conference: New frontiers in teaching genetics

Tuesday 15 June 2010

This year’s conference focused on genetics education in Scotland, bringing together biology teachers, upper year students and Gengage members for a day of talks and interactive workshops. Participants enjoyed plenary presentations on current and future trends in genetics, and innovative activities that explored cutting edge topics such as DNA profiling and genetic selection through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis.

What should happen to your brain after you die?

Edinburgh International Science Festival

Friday 16 April 2010

This lively event, held at the Royal College of Surgeons, addressed issues around brain banking and brain donation for research. A series of presentations given by experts in neuroscience, social science and law was followed by facilitated round-table discussions. Participants were asked to deliberate and then vote on questions such as ‘Should human brains be used for research?’

First annual Gengage network conference: A genetic health service?

Wednesday 17 June 2009

What impact will advances in genetic medicine have on the day-to-day delivery of healthcare services? How can education and science engagement activities increase public understanding and debate about these issues? Gengage's first annual conference brought together healthcare professionals, policy makers, patient groups, researchers, science communicators and public engagement practitioners to discuss and debate these questions.

Gengage and GIG launch, plus consultation on the Scottish Government's Patients' Rights Bill for users of the NHS in Scotland

Tuesday 9 December 2008

Attendees at this event discussed the Scottish Government’s public consultation on a Patients’ Rights Bill for users of the NHS in Scotland. Their views were noted and compiled for submission to the Scottish Government Health Department.


Gengage News, issue 2, Spring 2010

Gengage News Issue 2

Introducing Kathryn Hunter, Gengage's new network officer, and providing details of our plans for the year ahead. Also in this issue: report on the first annual Gengage conference in 2009 and first news of the 2010 event; interview with Dr Sharon Macnab, science learning manager at Glasgow Science Centre.

Gengage News, issue 1, Spring 2009

Gengage News Issue 1

In this issue: report on Gengage's launch event and submission to the Scottish Government's Patients' Rights Bill consultation; interview with Prof Neva Haites, chair of the Gengage Health Policy sub-group; call for speakers to communicate healthcare genetics issues to the wider public.