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Dr. Maria Grade Godinho

Genomics Forum Research Fellow






St John's Land, Holyrood Road, Edinburgh EH8 8AQ


Most of Maria’s research activity has been in various domains of the natural sciences. She completed a degree in Biology at The University of Évora, Portugal, which included an Honours project in molecular biology at the Gulbenkian Institute of Science and at the Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology, involving the sequencing of a bacterial genome. Subsequently she worked in molecular and cellular biology projects at Massey University, New Zealand, firstly investigating mammalian cell death and then assessing molecular responses of plants to pathogens. Afterwards she joined a biotechnology company in Adelaide, South Australia, to work on nanotechnology, developing drugs and diagnostic tools for human epilepsy.

After moving to Perth, Maria initiated doctoral studies at The University of Western Australia (UWA). Her research focused on the repair of injured nerves, in particular, she was investigating the use of newly developed chimeric grafts, assembled from cadaveric nerves and supportive cells genetically modified using lentivirus. While a PhD student she was accepted into the Postgraduate Teaching Internship Scheme, a competitive programme at UWA that won a prestigious national award in Australia for enhancing learning. During her doctoral studies Maria also became involved with SymbioticA, an artistic research laboratory producing biological art. As scientific collaborator she assisted artists in residency developing their works and as teaching assistant she taught in the interdisciplinary unit Art and Life Manipulation for undergraduates and MSc in Biological Arts. In 2011 Maria was awarded a doctorate by UWA for her work on peripheral nerve regeneration.

Current Work

Maria’s research interests have expanded from the natural to the social sciences. At the beginning of 2012 she was welcomed to the Institute for the Study of Science Technology and Innovation as Visiting Research Fellow. Since then Maria became a Research Fellow at the Genomics Forum, where she is following her interests in the interactions between arts and biological sciences, specifically by examining the effects these interdisciplinary engagements may have on science and scientific practice. She also assists visiting fellows preparing for and during their Bright Ideas residencies at the Forum. Maria’s interdisciplinary engagements include being a member of CIRCLE (Creative Interdisciplinary Research in Collaborative Environments), and participating as an Invited Lecturer in Interdisciplinary Creative Practices, a MSc by Research based at the Edinburgh College of Art.


Articles published in refereed journals

Duff T., Muhling J., Grade Godinho M., Hodgetts S. (2011) How to make living viral tattoos. Leonardo. 44, 164-165.

Galis I., Bilyeu K.D., Godinho M.J., Jameson P.E. (2005) Expression of three Arabidopsis cytokinin oxidase/dehydrogenase promoter::GUS chimeric constructs in tobacco: Response to developmental and biotic factors. Plant Growth Regul. 45, 173-182.

Francois F., Godinho M.J., Dragunow M., Grimes M.L. (2001) A population of PC12 cells that is initiating apoptosis can be rescued by nerve growth factor. Mol Cell Neurosci. 18, 347-362.

Francois F., Godinho M.J., Grimes M.L. (2000) CREB is cleaved by caspases during neural cell apoptosis. FEBS lett. 486, 281-284.

Articles in preparation

Godinho M.J., Teh, L., Pollet, M., Goodman, D., Sweetman, I., Hodgetts, S.I., Walters, M., Verhaagen, J., Plant, G. and Harvey, A. A comparative immunohistochemical, ultrastructural and functional analysis of axonal regeneration through peripheral nerve grafts containing Schwann cells engineered to express BDNF, CNTF or NT3

Grade Godinho, M. Biological sciences and Biological arts: interdisciplinary encounters

Godinho M.J., Teh, L., Pollet, M., Goodman, D., Walters, M., Verhaagen, J., Plant, G. and Harvey, A. Quantification and identification of adult dorsal root ganglia neurons that regenerate an axon through peripheral nerve bridges containing Schwann cells engineered to overexpress BDNF, CNTF, GDNF, NGF or NT3

Recent Presentations

Oral communications

Biological art images as tools to understand science (2012) Image and Visualisation: Imaging Technology, Truth and Trust conference, Norrköping, Linköping University, Sweden

Natural scientific works (2012) P{e/a}r{i/a}meter CIRCLE research symposium, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Repairing peripheral nerves (2009) Bursary Recipients´ Seminar, Australian Federation of University Women (Western Australia), Perth, Australia

Effects of neurotrophic factors on the regeneration of peripheral nerves (2009) Postgraduate Student Expo, UWA, Perth, Australia

Poster presentation

Effects of Schwann cell-delivered neurotrophic factors on peripheral nerve regeneration (2009) Australian Neuroscience Society conference, Canberra, Australia.

Major lectures given as guest lecturer

Doing this PhD was like eating a cumquat! (2010) SymbioticA Seminars, UWA, Perth, Australia

Multiculturalism (2009) Centre for Integrated Human Studies Fourth Seminar Series, UWA, Perth, Australia