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Genomics for Biodiversity, Conservation and Land Use

Workshop   28.11.2006






Pete Hollingsworth (Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh), Sandra Knapp (Natural History Museum), Georgina Mace (Imperial), Claire Waterton (Cesagen) and Brian Wynne (Cesagen)

Organised by

Emma Frow (ESRC Genomics Forum)


Darwin Centre, Natural History Museum, London

Event details

This workshop focused on the following question: What is the potential and what are the limitations — technical, social, regulatory or otherwise — of current genomic technologies for plant biodiversity conservation?The following presentations were made at the workshop:Pete Hollingsworth — Genetics and plant conservationSandra Knapp — Genomics and biodiversityGeorgina Mace — Policy issues in biodiversity assessment and conservationClaire Waterton & Brian Wynne — The role of social science in conservation policyA working paper [PDF] on Genomics for Biodiversity, Conservation and Land Use is available to download.

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