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Genomics Forum

ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum

Established in August 2004, the ESRC Genomics Policy and Research Forum was a novel initiative in the field of social science research. As part of the ESRC Genomics Network, the Forum acted to integrate the diverse strands of social science research within and beyond the Network; to develop links between social scientists and scientists working across the entire range of genomic science and technology; and to connect research in this area to policy makers, business, the media and civil society in the UK and abroad.

A key part of the Forum’s work was to exploit synergies across the ESRC Genomics Network, and to ensure the visibility and use of the Network and its output. These functions were no longer needed when the Network ceased operations and so the Forum closed in June 2013.

This archive website preserves the output of the Genomics Forum, including details of its research and publications.


Creative Space

Featuring poetry and short stories, artistic residences and art installations, documentary films and genomics-inspired drama, the ESRC Genomics Forum used a wide range of exciting creative ventures to engage audiences in debate around the life science.


Gengage (The Scottish Healthcare Genetics Public Engagement Network) brought together, promoted and supported individuals and organisations working in Scotland to increase public awareness, dialogue and debate on issues to do with healthcare genetics.

‘Bright Ideas’ Visiting Research Fellows

The ‘Bright Ideas’ programme provided an opportunity for individuals to spend time in residence at the Forum. The scheme was open to anyone concerned with the social dimensions of genetics, genomics and the new life sciences.