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Book chapters

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An Ambition for Symmetry Breaking

Hughes, S.G.   2009

Are There Genes?

Dupré, J. and O’Hear, A. (ed)   2005

Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

Russell, G.   2012

Autism Spectrum Disorders

Russell, G.   October 2012

Biologie: Wissenschaft vom Werden, Wissenschaft im Werden

Mueller-Wille, S. and Böhme, K.   2010

Botanischer Tausch und Ökonomie der Natur

Müller-Wille, S.   2009

Comment on Sokal and Bricmont

Barnes, S.B.   2004

Das Forschungsfeld Humane Stammzellen

Hauskeller, C.   2004

Der Stammzelldiskurs - Kriterien der Technikbewertung

Hauskeller, C. with Bender, W.   2003

Document Analysis

Davie, G. and Wyatt, D.   November 2011

Fact and Value

Dupré, J.   2007

Figures of inheritance, 1650-1850

Müller-Wille, S.   2007

Focusing on Scientific Understanding

Regt, H., Leonelli, S. and Eigner, K,   2009


Mueller-Wille, S.   2010


Müller-Wille, S. and Rheinberger, H.J.   2004

Gene Concepts

Rheinberger, H-J. and Müller-Wille, S.E.W.   2008

Heredity: The formation of an epistemic space

Müller-Wille, S. and Rheinberger, H.J.   2007

I feel ridiculous about having had it' Critical reading of lived and mediated discourses on eating disorders

Saukko, P., Riley, S., Burns, M., Frith, H., Wiggins, S. & Markula, P.   2007


Liu, Z., Li, B., Zhao, X., Wang, K., Chen, Y., Wei, W.   2010

Interview with John Dupré

Dupré, J.   2010


Hauskeller, C.   2005

Is the Organism Really a Machine?

Nicholson, D.   2008

Lessons for moving ahead

Rappert, B. and Bezuidenhout, L.   2010

Methodologies for cultural studies: An integrative approach

Saukko,P., Denzin, N.K. and Lincoln, Y.S.   2005

Nancy Cartwright

Dupré, J.   December 2005

Natural Kinds

Dupré, J. and Haddock, A.   December 2005


Müller-Wille, S.   2008

Paradies, Akademie, Ökonomie. Zur Transformation botanischer Gärten im 18. Jahrhundert

Müller-Wille, S., Hoefer, N.N., and Ananieva, A.   2005

Philosophical themes in metagenomics

O'Malley, M.A., and Dupré, J.   January 2010

Postgenomic Darwinism

Dupré, J.   July 2010

Schwarz, Weiß, Gelb, Rot. Zur Darstellung menschlicher Vielfalt

Müller-Wille, S., te Heesen, A. and Lutz, P.   2005

Sequencing human genomes

Bostanci, A.   2004

Stammzellforschung und Menschenwürde

Hauskeller, C.   2004

The language of stem cell science

Hauskeller, C.   2005

The Miracle of Monism

Dupré, J.   2004

The Regulation of Autologous Stem Cell Therapies: Comparing the UK and Germany

Weber, S., Wilson-Kovacs,  D. and Hauskeller, C.   January 2011

Transcending the discourse of social influences

Barnes, S.B., Machamer, P. and Wolters, G.   2004

What is a human being

Dupré, J.   2008

Zur Genesis der Vererbung als biologisches Konzept, 1700-1900

Müller-Wille, S. with Rheinberger, H-J.   2009

Books (authored and edited)

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Critical Studies in Rural Gender Issues

Morris, C. and Little, J.   2005

Crossing Borders, Grenzüberschreitungen

Hauskeller, C., Bender, W. and Manzei, A.   2005

Doing Ethical Research

Farrimond, H.   December 2012

Genomes and What to Make of Them

Barnes, S.B. and Dupré, J.   2008

Humans and Other Animals

Dupré, J.   2002

Scientific Understanding: A Philosophical Perspective

de Regt, H., Leonelli, S. and Eigner, K. (eds.)   2009

Value-Free Science: Ideal or Illusion

Kincaid, H., Dupré, J. and Wylie, A.   2007

Vererbung. Geschichte und Kultur eines biologischen Konzepts

Müller-Wille, S. with Rheinberger, H-J.   2009


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Are Genetic Tests Exceptional?

Saukko, Paula.   October 2006

Comments on Human Genetics Commission's: Choosing The Future

Dupré, John; Hauskeller, Christine; Saukko, Paula   January 2005

Patents and the future of GM?

Hughes, Steve   February 2005

Policy report for the Austrian Bioethics Commission

Grießler E., Hauskeller C., Lehner D., Metzler I., Pichelstorfer A. and Szyma A.   September 2008

Conference papers & presentations

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"A Faustian Bargain?” Public voices on forensic DNA technologies and the national DNA database

Wilson-Kovacs, D., Wyatt, D. and Hauskeller, C.   April 2011

A philosophical history of microbiology

O'Malley, M.   July 2008

Adding family history to coronary heart disease risk assessments: A qualitative study

Farrimond, H., Saukko, P., Evans, P.H. and Qureshi, N.   2007

Animal models in the laboratory

Harrington, J.   2009

Can genomics reassure human identity?

Hauskeller, C.   2004

ctive genomes: Examining a participatory turn in genetic research

Harris, A., Wyatt, S., and Kelly, S.E.   July 2012

Digital organisms

Leonelli, S. and Ankeny, R.   December 2013

Ethical Foundations, Plenary Comment

Hauskeller, C.   2007

Ethics on the Lab Floor

Hauskeller, C.   2007

Evidence in Historical Perspective

Müller-Wille, S.   2005

Finding participants: How research methodologies define ‘users’

Harris, A., Kelly, S. and Wyatt, S.   October 2012

Fleck and Kuhn on Scientific Change

Müller-Wille, S.   2006

Framing Pluripotency: The construction of hESC and iPS cells

Hauskeller, C. and Weber, S.   September 2010

Genome knowledge and species identity

Hauskeller, C.   2008

Genomics and identity politics

Hauskeller, C.   2006

Genosemantics Research in Egenis

Hauskeller, C.   2005

How the Great Chain of Being Broke Apart

Müller-Wille, S.   2007

Human genomics as identity politics

Hauskeller, C.   2006

Linnaeus and Global Trade

Müller-Wille, S.   2007

Making knowledge in synthetic biology

O'Malley, M.   April 2009

Making Organisms Model Humans: Situated Models in Alcohol Research

Leonelli, S., Ankeny, R., Nelson, N. and Ramsden, E.   November 2012

Making Sense of Clinical Trials Using Autologous Stem Cells for Heart Repair

Wilson-Kovacs, D., Harrington, J., Weber, S., and Hauskeller, C.   2008

Mendel and Darwin on Heredity

Müller-Wille, S.   2009

Natural Kind Terms as Sign Functions

Barwich, Ann-Sophie   September 2011

On International Stem Cell Politics

Hauskeller, C.   2005

Organisms as Processes

Dupré, J.   December 2012

Philosophy and the Tree of Life

O'Malley, M.   June 2009

Podcasts to teach philosophy and sociology to medical students

Hauskeller, C. and Purday J.   September 2010

Public engagement: Why it matters

Russell, G.   November 2010

Schizophrenia genetics online: Spaces of contestation

Harris, A., Wyatt, S. and Kelly, S.   October 2012

Science and Fiction: On the Reference of Models

Barwich, Ann-Sophie   June 2011

Science and Fiction: On the Reference of Models

Barwich, Ann-Sophie   June 2011

Stem Cell Research Agendas: Regulation as Culture in Practice

Wilson-Kovacs, D., Weber S., and Hauskeller, C.   2008

The Experimental Context in Silico

Leonelli, S.   December 2010

The Metaphysical Disunity of Science

Dupre, J.   April 2013

The Regulation of Autologous Stem Cell Therapies: Comparing the UK and Germany

Weber, S., Wilson-Kovacs, D., and Hauskeller, C.   Forthcoming 2009

The use of family history in risk assessment and primary prevention of heart disease

Farrimond, H., Saukko, P., Evans, P.H., and Qureshi, N.   2007

The use of forensic DNA technologies in police practice

Wilson Kovacs, D. and Hauskeller, C.   2010

Transhumanism: No More Gods... No More Faith

Franssen, T.   October 2011

Troubling Risk

Saukko, Paula   2003

Understanding the clinician-scientist: a case study from stem cell research

Wilson-Kovacs, D. and Hauskeller, C.   July 2010

Visual representations of smokers

Farrimond, H.   2008

What is an organism?

Dupré, J.
  November 2010

Consultation responses

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Journal articles

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A Q-methodology study of 'smoking identities'

Farrimond, H.R., Joffe, H., & Stenner, P.   March 2010

A social science view on the FRAME symposium: Identities and networks

Harrington J. and Stephens N.   December 2010

Ansichten von in Deutschland arbeitenden Wissenschaftlern in der Stammzellforschung zur Lage der Stammzellforschung in Deutschland

Samusch, T., Budiner, I., Weber., S., Busch, A., Knappertsbusch, F., Schlüter, E., Hauskeller, C. and Krones T.   2009

Are genetic tests exceptional? Lessons from a qualitative study on thrombophilia

Saukko, P., Richards S., Shepherd, M., Campbell J.   2006

Assessing family history of heart disease in primary care consultations: A qualitative study

Saukko P., Hall R., Evans P.,Qureshi N. & Humphries S.   2007

Autologous Stem Cell Clinical Trials in Heart Repair: Regulation as Interactional Accomplishment

Wilson-Kovacs, D., Weber, S., Hauskeller, C.   Forthcoming 2009

Beyond beliefs: Risk assessment technologies shaping patient experiences of heart disease prevention

Saukko, P.S., Farrimond, H.R., Qureshi, N. and Evans, P.E.   In press 2012

Beyond biosecurity: the principle of dual-use

Bezuidenhout, L.   June 2010

Biological atomism and cell theory

Nicholson, D.J.   2010

Brain Drain in der Stammzellforschung? Erste Ergebnisse einer Befragung von Wissenschaftlern zur Lage der Stammzellforschung in Deutschland

Krones, T., Samusch,T., Weber, S., Budiner, I., Busch, A., Knappertsbusch, F., Schlüter, E. and Hauskeller, C.   July 2008

Cell Theory, Specificty, and Reproduction, 1837–1870

Müller-Wille, S.M.   September 2010

Classificatory Theory in Biology

Leonelli, S.   June 2012

Claude Lévi-Strauss on race, history, and genetics

Mueller-Wille, S.   September 2010

Darwin, Evolution and Medicine

Méthot, P-O.   Forthcoming 2010

Developmental Systems Theory

Dupré, J.   July 2010

Direct to consumer genetic testing

Hauskeller, C.   April 2011

Disciplinary baptisms: A comparison of the naming stories of genetics, molecular biology, genomics and systems biology

Powell, A., O'Malley, M.A., Müller-Wille, S.E.W., Calvert, J., and Dupré, J.   2007


Leonelli, S. and Barwich A.   March 2012

Elusive memories of technoscience

Barnes, S.B.   2005

Emergent Philosophy of Biology in Europe

Merlin, F., Nicholson, D. J., Reiss, C., Sojic, A., Witteveen, J.   2008

Framing pluripotency: iPS cells and the shaping of stem cell science

Hauskeller, C. and Weber, S.   December 2011

From genetic to genomic regulation: Iterativity in microRNA research

O'Malley, M.A., Elliott, K.C., and Burian, R.M.   2011

From molecules to systems: the importance of looking both ways

Powell, A. and Dupré, J.   March 2009

Fundamental Issues in Systems Biology

O'Malley, M.A. and Dupré, J.   2005

Genomic medicine: The social science view

Kelly, S.E.   March 2010

History of science is good for you

Grote M, O'Malley M A   2010

How the Gene Ontology Evolves

Leonelli, S., Diehl, A.D., Christie, K.R., Harris, M.A. and Lomax, J.   August 2011

How Well Do ‘Facts’ Travel?

Leonelli, S. and Howlett, P.   2009

Illness online: Self-reported data and questions of trust in medical and social research

Wyatt, S., Harris, A., Adams, S. and Kelly, S.   May 2013

Introduction to special issue on 'The meanings of genomics'

Calvert, J. with Hauskeller, C.   2004

Introduction: Towards a philosophy of microbiology

O'Malley, M.A., and Dupré, J.   2007

Journal Issue 'The Meanings of Genomics'

Hauskeller, C. with Calvert, J.   2004

Knowledge-making distinctions in synthetic biology

O'Malley, M.A., Powell, A., Davies, J.F. and Calvert, J.   2008

Let us ask better questions

Wright Clayton, E. and Kelly, S.E.   May 2013

Machine Science: The Human Side

Leonelli, S.   2010

Making better seeds for African food security - a new approach to scientist-farmer partnerships

Offei, S.K., Almekinders, C., Crane, T.A., Hughes, S. G., Mokuwa, A., Nuitjen, E., Okry, F., Struik, P.C., Teeken, B. and Richards, P.   2010

Making data accessible for all: a conference report

Bezuidenhout, L. and Donaghy, J.   2012

Making sense of being at 'high risk' of coronary heart disease

Farrimond, H., Saukko, P.M., Evans, P.H. and Qureshi, N.   2010

Metagenomics and biological ontology

Dupré, J. and O'Malley, M.A.   2007

Model Thinking in the Life Sciences: Complexity in the Making

Baetu, T.M., Barwich, A., Brooks, D., Dutreuil, S. and  Germain P.   2010

Non-invasive prenatal genetic testing: a study of public attitudes

Kelly, S.E. and Farrimond, H.   In press 2011

On Human Nature, Human Affairs

Dupré, J.   2003

Paradigm change in evolutionary microbiology

O'Malley, M. A. and Boucher, Y.   2005

Participatory Knowledge Production 2.0?: Critical Views and Experiences

Wyatt, S., Bier, J., Harris, A. and van Heur, B.   February 2013

Philosophies of funding

O'Malley, M.A., Elliot, K.C., Haufe, C., and Burian, R.M.   2009

Plant Breeders Rights, Room for Maneuver?

Hughes, S. and Deibel, E.   2007

Public viewpoints on new non-invasive prenatal genetic tests

Farrimond, H.R. and Kelly, S.E.   In press 2011

Rational Choice Theory and Genomics

Dupré, J.   October 2009

Realising the potential of the family history in risk assessment and primary prevention of coronary heart disease in primary care: ADDFAM study protocol

Qureshi N., Armstrong S., Saukko P., Sach T., Middlemass J., Evans P.H., Kai J., Farrimond H. and Humphries S.E.   October 2009

Science studies: let's not reignite an unproductive controversy

Dupré, J. and Griffiths, P.E.   April 2009

Scientific Classification

Dupré, J.   2006

Seed systems for African food security: Linking molecular genetic analysis and cultivator knowledge in West Africa

Richards P., de Bruin-Hoekzema M., Hughes S., Kudadjie-Freeman C. and Kwame Offei S.   2009

Social and behavioural outcomes in children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders: a longitudinal cohort study

Russell, G., Golding, J., Norwich, B., Emond, A., Ford, T. and Steer, C.   May 2012

Socioeconomic disparities in cancer-risk behaviours in adolescence: baseline results from the Health and Behaviour in Teenagers Study (HABITS)

Wardle, J., Jarvis, M.J., Steggles, N., Sutton, S., Williamson, S., Farrimond, H., Cartwright, M. and Simon, A.E.   2003

Stem cells clinical trials for cardiac repair: regulation as
practical accomplishment

Wilson-Kovacs, D.M., Weber, S. and Hauskeller C.   January 2010

Sustaining digital infrastructures

Leonelli, S. and Bastow, R.   2010

The clinician-scientist: professional dynamics in clinical stem cell research

Wilson-Kovacs, D.M. and Hauskeller, C.

  May 2012

The Human Genome, Human Evolution, and Gender

Dupré, J.   November 2010

The Love of Plants

Müller-Wille, S.   2007

The Rise and Rise of the Autism Diagnosis

Russell, G.   March 2012

The study of socioethical issues in systems biology

O'Malley, M.A., Calvert, J. and Dupré, J.   2007

Towards a Processual Microbial Ontology

Bapteste, E., and Dupré, J.   November 2012

Under one leaf: an historical perspective on the UK Plant Science Federation

Leonelli, S., Charnley, B., Webb, A. and Bastow, R.   April 2012

University-industry research collaborations in the UK

Calvert, J. with Patel, P.   2003

We value what values us: The appeal of identity-affirming science

Morton, T. with Haslam, S. A., Postmes, T., & Ryan, M. K.   In press 0

Whole genome patenting

O’Malley, M.A., Bostanci, A., and Calvert, J.   2005

Why do people engage in collective action? Revisiting the role of perceived effectiveness

Morton, T. with Hornsey, Blackwood, Louis, Fielding, Mavor, O'Brien, Paasonen, Smith, White   In press 0

Zeugung, Entwicklung, Evolution

Müller-Wille, S.   2008


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Making Data Available to All

Leonelli, S. and Bastow, R.   October 2012


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Review of Brian Garvey, 'Philosophy of Biology'

O'Malley, M.A., and Nicholson, D.J.   2008

Working papers

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