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Methodology Surgery

Past event   30.11.1999






Room 326, Amory building, University of Exeter

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Researchers sometimes find themselves using tried and trusted methodologies that they know well, without perhaps considering some less familiar options that might be more effective.

This surgery aims to present and explore a variety of different methodological approaches, looking at ways they might be used to tackle current and future research questions.Structure:

The workshop will comprise:

1. An open session in the morning, consisting of two talks lasting up to an hour each with discussion, open to researchers and postgraduate students.


  • 10am-11am Alex Haslam, Methodologies in social psychology
  • 11am-12pm Paul Atkinson, Methodological options

2. A closed session in the afternoon, consisting of a more specialised 'methodology surgery' in which up to five researchers come with their specific problems, looking at their own research. The idea is to examine/advise about methodological options they may not have considered in a group session.

  • 2pm-2.30pm Surgery introduction by Paula Saukko
  • 2.30pm-5pm Methodology surgery

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