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Making Data Accessible to All

Conference   12.07.2012





Organised by

Sabina Leonelli (Egenis), Ruth Bastow (GARNet), Irene Lavagi (GARNet/MASC), Berris Charnley (Egenis)


Innovations Centre, University of Exeter

Event details

Plant scientists are often required to donate data to open access databases (for instance, by the BBSRC data management policy). They are also encouraged to make use of these databases in order to boost their research and speed up discovery. It is not yet clear, however, whether and how these practices are affecting experimentation within the plant sciences, and whether data donation and use on a large scale has been effective in fostering innovative research. The focus of this workshop is to discuss issues surrounding data donation, data use and publication from the viewpoint of plant biologists, with the aim to produce a series of recommendations about the problems involved in data dissemination in plant science.

In particular, the following questions will be considered:

  • What data do plant scientists keep?
  • What data do plant scientists share?
  • How much data can actually be kept (issues around compression, minimal data requirements required for reconstruction)?
  • Is it cost effective to keep data or should it just be recreated as required?
  • Is there a community need for the storage of data? Which data?
  • How do plant scientists deal with quality control of data?
  • What are the compatible formats for data storage and dissemination?
  • What data should be shared but are not currently shared?
  • How do we assess the scientific impact of data sharing?
  • Is it possible to track data use (and thus, indirectly, the value / quality / popularity of resources that distribute data, such as databases)?


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