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Models as Active Spaces

Public event   17.03.2010






Chair: Prof Mike Phillips, Institute of Digital Art & Technology, University of Plymouth

2.00-2.15pm Prof Steve Hughes (Egenis): Welcome and introduction. 'So many models, so many places'

2.15-2.45pm Dr Sabina Leonelli (Egenis): 'The emergence and status of model organsisms in biological research'

2.50-3.20pm Deborah Robinson and David Strang (University of Plymouth): 'Fish-Eye-I: Modelling the interface between observer / observed using a reversed perspective'

3.25-3.55pm Dr Ed Ramsden (Centre for Medical History): 'Rat cities and beehive worlds: Model organisms, spaces, and the built environment'

4.00-4.30pm Tea and informal discussion

4.30-5.00pm Chaired discussion

5.00-5.30pm Sarah Bennett (University of Plymouth): 'Re-modelling the model: a critique of an institution through artistic research'

5.35-6.05pm Dr Judy Harington: 'The art of medicine: Is it dead?'

6.10-6.40pm Jo Harrington (Goldsmiths College): 'Tales/tails on the hybrid'

6.40-7.00pm Forum discussion

Organised by

Professor Steve Hughes (Egenis) and Dr Deborah Robinson (University of Plymouth)


Studio One, The Arts Centre, Looe Street, Plymouth

Event details

A free public workshop bringing together artists and scientists from the south west to share practice and to discuss the use of models in science and in art, as representations, as abstractions and as ways to make sense of the world. Come for one session, or stay for the whole afternoon. The event runs from 2.00pm to 7.00pm.

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