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Dr. Kristrún Gunnarsdóttir

Cesagen Research Fellow


BFA (Fine Arts & Mixed Media) California Institute of the Arts; BA (Philosophy) University of Iceland; MSc & PhD (Sociology) Cardiff University


44 (0)1524 510847


44 (0)1524 510856






FASS Building, Lancaster University

Research Interests

Research at Cesagen into the life sciences provides excellent guidance to a host of ICT-related projects at the Centre, funded by the European Commission (FP7). See Cesagen - New and emerging ICTs. My ICT-related research interests are focused on two distinct topics:

    1. Socio-technical analysis and assessment of ICT innovations and visionary work, public engagement, policy programmes and governance.

  1. Human-device interdependence in situated practice and problem-solving, in particular how anomalies and other phenomena of disorder can manifest issues of social relevance (including issues of responsibility, competence, accountability and legitimacy), and how they are recognised and managed on an ongoing basis.

See also my profile on the Lancaster University website